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Illegal Oily Water System (OWS) Discharge Monitoring and Prevention

No matter how carefully controlled oily water systems (OWS) are, accidents and equipment malfunctions occur. Incidents of over limit, illegal oily discharge are easily traced by GPS and satellite imaging, leading to costly fines and vessel exclusions.

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ClearView OWS Solution

Recently fines for non-habitual, illegal bilge discharge occurrences have been set by the courts at several millions of US dollars per incident. Add to this the possibility of custodial sentences for both shipboard and shoreside personnel and it becomes a very high price to pay, and one that is avoidable by fitting ClearView from PSM.

With over 30 years experience in marine and ship monitoring and alarm instrumentation, PSM recognises the importance of effective OWS management and has developed its ClearView Oily Water Overboard Discharge Monitoring Equipment system to monitor, measure and prevent illegal oil discharge to sea. For further information on PSM’s Oily Water Overboard Discharge Monitoring Equipment, please visit our ClearView page or contact us to discuss your requirements.