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Monitor, record, report and analyse

Operate your vessels efficiently, economically and compliant with safety and environmental legislation.  Measure, record, report and analyse ship's operations for functions such as Oily Water Separator operation, Oil Record Book automation and Bunker Fuel Stock management.

Header image for ClearView Oily Water Discharge Monitoring Equipment

ClearView Onboard

Managing the reporting and paperwork.

A central graphical display connected to data acquisition modules via a multi-drop network.  It provides a clear and simple to operate.  Windows based display of monitored parameters, securely records all activities and evaluates alarm conditions.

Overlays existing systems to monitor and securely record operational activity using existing or new sensors, transmitters and data acquisition modules. A central display unit provides a real-time overview of all conditions to inform the ship's crew.  Data acquisition is automatic and secure with no operator intervention required.  Inputs are compared against pre-determined conditions within the software modules installed, and control functions or alerts issued as required.

Repeater alarms and inhibit controls for authorised personnel can be added, for example on the bridge, and ship's crew can be given access to certain functions for report generation.

A GPS transceiver connects to the central display to provide both a GPS and UTC reference for geofencing, location marking of records, and to transmit real-time alerts and operational data.

Application specific systems include:

  • OWSView - Oily Water Separator monitor, control and reporting
  • FuelView - Cargo and fuel usage & tank level monitoring and reporting
  • ORBView - Oil Record Book automation of data entry and printing

ClearView Shoreside

Converts data into information.

Windows based application installed on a local machine or server,  operating continuously in the background processing data received from ClearView equipped vessels.  Alerts can be automatically generated and data analysed for management review of operations.

There are two routes to receive ClearView operating information from the ship:

Routine log files which contain all data transmitted from the ship over a defined historical period.  These are automatically routed to the ClearView Analyser software package which can run on a central server or desktop PC. ClearView Analyser generates a suite of reports in a clear graphical  format for management control purposes.  The report generator is powerful and user programmable.

For owner defined critical alarms and operations outside of normal operating parameters, the Skywave IDP system can be used for satellite transmission and generation of alerts via SMS or email for selected conditions or alarm situations to designated Smart phones and email addresses.

Depending on the application modules installed in ClearView, the standard reporting output varies depending on the application.  However the Analyser software contains a powerful programming function that allows custom reports to be easily and quckly produced.

For further information and technical details, please download our ClearView datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.